Mass Immigration and the Resurrection of Nationalism in Europe.

EUAs far as ‘elephants in the room’ go, none compare to the sheer magnitude of that which we have managed to distract ourselves from during the last two decades, with the latter in particular. This is, of course, Mass Immigration into Europe. I will deal with Europe exclusively; as a European, I feel qualified to speak about it from a European perspective.

The immigration to European countries (white countries [explained later]) from Asian and African countries, by people of non-Caucasoid (Caucasian – like, white skinned) ethnic descent is the particular elephant about which we are discussing. [Because European countries were and are still descended from Caucasoid peoples (white skinned peoples) it is simpler to maintain the dichotomy of ‘white people’ and ‘non-white people’ as a frame of reference].

In general, European nations share common values and philosophies that are rooted in ancient teachings, such as democracy, solidarity, secularism and excellence in education. The EU has come to represent this commonality among all nations of Europe, and strives to promote the benefits of this shared heritage. European cultural heritage also includes some very powerful and arguably dangerous ideas such as Nationalism and the philosophy of maintaining homogeneous ethnic and cultural purity.

It is the latter set of Ideologies that are now being rediscovered and re-modulated by a growing number of nationalist and pan-European nationalist organisations for the sake of promoting their political ideology against what they see as an absolute threat to our common European cultural heritage. The most obvious and best marketed of these organisations operate within the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Scandinavia, and France. There are a number of high-profile individuals which head these organisations who operate both within their own countries and on a European parliamentary level.

These organisations see mass immigration to European countries as a potential cultural coup designed to supplant native European culture and values across Europe. They claim that Europeans are getting fed up of immigrants, saying that many cultural components of these immigrant peoples are absolutely incompatible with European ideals. These organisations regularly identify the main group of who they see as cultural insurgents; Muslims.

There is an increasing body of evidence that these Nationalists are indeed correct. Across Europe, we see weakening of national identity as a result of the erosive ideology espoused by multiculturalists. We also see the political, social and civil unrest that is occurring, especially in immigrant dense nations like France, the UK and Scandinavian nations. A growing number of people, who are shifting their allegiances to nationalist groups are doing so because they fear that these immigrants, Muslims especially, are involved in what has been termed; a demographic take-over of Europe.

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4 thoughts on “Mass Immigration and the Resurrection of Nationalism in Europe.

    1. Thank you very much, I try my best. It really means a lot to get good positive feedback from people. I am always open to constructive criticism, especially because it makes me better able to improve. Thanks again.

  1. I laughed at how my little country, Denmark, is drawn.
    But anyway; great reading material. I can’t really give you constructive criticism – There’s simply nothing to criticize.

    1. Yes, it truly is a ridiculous misrepresentation of the landmass. I must admit I was looking for the simplest map when I was writing the post.

      Thank you very much for your feedback. I will be publishing part 2 very soon.

      Thanks again,

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