3 comments on “Banking System Insanity! Part 1 The Basics

  1. I’m commenting concerning the Related Article (in this post of yours), The Money Masters, on my blog jhaines6.wordpress.com: Another video you might findiof interest is mentioned in a recent post (which you may or may not agree with): From Mish: Devil at My Doorstep; Obama Buys Votes from Big Labor at Enormous Cost to Nation

    • Thank you very much for you input Jean. I will certainly take a look at them. I can only hope that this lunatic system will be abolished soon. Part 2 is under construction. In that post I shall endeavour to consolidate the concepts which are briefly outlined in Part 1.

      Thank you again,

  2. […] Banking System Insanity! Part 1 The Basics (davegeraghty.wordpress.com)

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