New Omens.

Cosy Merkozy

It is a disturbing omen, to say the least. A sign of the ever swelling power that Germany wields over the European Union and the member states, they who are ceding their sovereignty to the increasingly imperialistic Brussels (i.e. France and Germany [Funny how Brussels lies between the two is it not?]).

The “leaked” [more like sent via post with stamp and return address] document containing the new budget VAT arrangements for the Irish Budget 2012, is causing ructions with the people of Ireland and some politicians [the good ones]. Many people in Ireland are distraught with concern and anger over how a piece of privileged information relating to a sovereign matter of tax was most likely handed over to a German budget committee, even before our own democratically elected TD’s were allowed to see it.

This can only be seen as a ceding of Irish national sovereignty to an increasingly imperialist Germany.

Angela Merkel and her French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy  have abandoned all impressions of subtlety in their pro-federalism campaign that is raising now shifting up a gear. Ms Merkel has been speaking without impunity, promoting “greater political unity”, a phrase that is synonymous with ‘Federation’.

I can’t say I’m surprised by these turn of events, federalism is coming, the question is when. I am quite taken aback however, at how quick Ms Merkel and her possy have managed to manipulate this economic crisis into a lever for their federalist motives.

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