The Fourth Reich

It may be a spine chilling idea, yet many recent events lead me to believe it holds more truth than most would readily accept. Indeed, the Fourth Reich, as it is being called in the dark corners of the internet, is a very real fear that is propagating online and in the back of people minds. For me personally, the events that have transpired in the last several months have done little to abate the feeling; Germany is back! And now they are using money to take over Europe!.

It may read like the headline of a wild conspiracy theory, but from looking at the news one starts to get the impression; is Germany using it’s current political and economic power to impose its will on the whole of Europe? Perhaps. It certainly would not be the first time they have tried and Chancellor Angela Merkel is looking more and more like the Empress of Europe every week, with the Reichstag apparently afraid to say no to her and her new royal subjects in the Greecian and, my own, Irish government enforcing the debilitating sovereign debt imposed upon their respective nations.

With the national debt of Ireland now at 110% of out GDP, we could sell the entire economy and still be in debt! The treasury estimates that Ireland’s national debt will continue to rise to as far as 130% GDP by 2015 if we don’t get expenditure below revenue.  In the meantime it seems that we just keep borrowing from our lovely neighbours, the Germans, and the French (who borrowed from the Germans), and hopefully by the time we become economically sustainable again, we will still be voting for Irish politicians.

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