Treacherous Greek Situation

The European Union needs to be careful in how it deals with Greece and its new government. Greece’s new government is known to be sympathetic to Putin and the Russian regime.

Failure to resorb Greece to the European community by whatever means necessary could push the beleaguered country into the hands of the Russians who will most likely jump at the chance to capture the political consensus of the Greek people. 

It would be an expensive move if Russia were to lend financial facilities to the Greeks but it would certainly be a destabilising blow to the EU which is currently engaged in a political and social tribulation powered by growing anti-Islam and anti-immigration sentiment, and more significantly by growing economic inequality and poverty.

The worsening situation in Ukraine instigated and prolonged by Russian demands for and ‘independent’ east Ukraine is driving apprehension of direct conflict with Russia. What has thus far been a proxy beligerance against the West is evolving into a true potential for outright war. The Russian incursion off the west coast of Ireland is indicative of an emboldened military under Putin that is keen to show off it’s capabilities.

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