No transplant, no way.

A heartfelt piece. It hits right in the soft place that nobody wants to get hit in.

Her legacy, my life.

When I was told that my mum could not and would not receive a transplant I was heart-broken and relieved. I was heart-broken for the obvious reasons. My mum will die much sooner than she should and Cystic Fibrosis will kill her. I was relieved that we could throw the darn transplant phone into some river and not feel so edge every time it beeps or moves or anything. We could eat dinner without glancing at the phone every five seconds. It was a mixture of feelings. I thought ‘maybe this is good because if my mum was called for a transplant in the morning and she didn’t make it through the surgery she would die far sooner than I ever imagined but maybe now we can have a few more years together?’ But then I thought, ‘no, this is terrible. This is unfair. I am going to lose my mother…

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