Treacherous Greek Situation

The European Union needs to be careful in how it deals with Greece and its new government. Greece’s new government is known to be sympathetic to Putin and the Russian regime. Failure to resorb Greece to the European community by whatever means necessary could push the beleaguered country into the hands of the Russians who […]

The Fallacy of Race; Born of Ignorance

It is perhaps our society’s most pervasive fallacies, and indeed for most societies; that of race. Born several centuries ago with the European discovery of Amerindian peoples of both North and South America, and of course African peoples whose eagerness to sell rival disparate tribes’ people into slavery is quite astonishing in retrospect; perhaps Europeans […]

New Omens.

It is a disturbing omen, to say the least. A sign of the ever swelling power that Germany wields over the European Union and the member states, they who are ceding their sovereignty to the increasingly imperialistic Brussels (i.e. France and Germany [Funny how Brussels lies between the two is it not?]). The “leaked” [more […]

Mass Immigration and the Resurrection of Nationalism in Europe.

As far as ‘elephants in the room’ go, none compare to the sheer magnitude of that which we have managed to distract ourselves from during the last two decades, with the latter in particular. This is, of course, Mass Immigration into Europe. I will deal with Europe exclusively; as a European, I feel qualified to […]