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The Fourth Reich

It may be a spine chilling idea, yet many recent events lead me to believe it holds more truth than most would readily accept. Indeed, the Fourth Reich, as it is being called in the dark corners of the internet, is a very real fear that is propagating online and in the back of people minds. For me personally, the events that have transpired in the last several months have done little to abate the feeling; Germany is back! And now they are using money to take over Europe!.

It may read like the headline of a wild conspiracy theory, but from looking at the news one starts to get the impression; is Germany using it’s current political and economic power to impose its will on the whole of Europe? Perhaps. It certainly would not be the first time they have tried and Chancellor Angela Merkel is looking more and more like the Empress of Europe every week, with the Reichstag apparently afraid to say no to her and her new royal subjects in the Greecian and, my own, Irish government enforcing the debilitating sovereign debt imposed upon their respective nations.

With the national debt of Ireland now at 110% of out GDP, we could sell the entire economy and still be in debt! The treasury estimates that Ireland’s national debt will continue to rise to as far as 130% GDP by 2015 if we don’t get expenditure below revenue.  In the meantime it seems that we just keep borrowing from our lovely neighbours, the Germans, and the French (who borrowed from the Germans), and hopefully by the time we become economically sustainable again, we will still be voting for Irish politicians.

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New Omens.

Cosy Merkozy

It is a disturbing omen, to say the least. A sign of the ever swelling power that Germany wields over the European Union and the member states, they who are ceding their sovereignty to the increasingly imperialistic Brussels (i.e. France and Germany [Funny how Brussels lies between the two is it not?]).

The “leaked” [more like sent via post with stamp and return address] document containing the new budget VAT arrangements for the Irish Budget 2012, is causing ructions with the people of Ireland and some politicians [the good ones]. Many people in Ireland are distraught with concern and anger over how a piece of privileged information relating to a sovereign matter of tax was most likely handed over to a German budget committee, even before our own democratically elected TD’s were allowed to see it.

This can only be seen as a ceding of Irish national sovereignty to an increasingly imperialist Germany.

Angela Merkel and her French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy  have abandoned all impressions of subtlety in their pro-federalism campaign that is raising now shifting up a gear. Ms Merkel has been speaking without impunity, promoting “greater political unity”, a phrase that is synonymous with ‘Federation’.

I can’t say I’m surprised by these turn of events, federalism is coming, the question is when. I am quite taken aback however, at how quick Ms Merkel and her possy have managed to manipulate this economic crisis into a lever for their federalist motives.


Mass Immigration and the Resurrection of Nationalism in Europe.

EUAs far as ‘elephants in the room’ go, none compare to the sheer magnitude of that which we have managed to distract ourselves from during the last two decades, with the latter in particular. This is, of course, Mass Immigration into Europe. I will deal with Europe exclusively; as a European, I feel qualified to speak about it from a European perspective.

The immigration to European countries (white countries [explained later]) from Asian and African countries, by people of non-Caucasoid (Caucasian – like, white skinned) ethnic descent is the particular elephant about which we are discussing. [Because European countries were and are still descended from Caucasoid peoples (white skinned peoples) it is simpler to maintain the dichotomy of ‘white people’ and ‘non-white people’ as a frame of reference].

In general, European nations share common values and philosophies that are rooted in ancient teachings, such as democracy, solidarity, secularism and excellence in education. The EU has come to represent this commonality among all nations of Europe, and strives to promote the benefits of this shared heritage. European cultural heritage also includes some very powerful and arguably dangerous ideas such as Nationalism and the philosophy of maintaining homogeneous ethnic and cultural purity.

It is the latter set of Ideologies that are now being rediscovered and re-modulated by a growing number of nationalist and pan-European nationalist organisations for the sake of promoting their political ideology against what they see as an absolute threat to our common European cultural heritage. The most obvious and best marketed of these organisations operate within the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Scandinavia, and France. There are a number of high-profile individuals which head these organisations who operate both within their own countries and on a European parliamentary level.

These organisations see mass immigration to European countries as a potential cultural coup designed to supplant native European culture and values across Europe. They claim that Europeans are getting fed up of immigrants, saying that many cultural components of these immigrant peoples are absolutely incompatible with European ideals. These organisations regularly identify the main group of who they see as cultural insurgents; Muslims.

There is an increasing body of evidence that these Nationalists are indeed correct. Across Europe, we see weakening of national identity as a result of the erosive ideology espoused by multiculturalists. We also see the political, social and civil unrest that is occurring, especially in immigrant dense nations like France, the UK and Scandinavian nations. A growing number of people, who are shifting their allegiances to nationalist groups are doing so because they fear that these immigrants, Muslims especially, are involved in what has been termed; a demographic take-over of Europe.

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‘‘Barack’s got your back’’

President Obama and Michelle Obama visit ireland

Is feideir linn (yes we can); three words that will go down in history I believe, by President Barack Obama speaking on Monday at College Green as part of his rather epic speech to the Irish Republic. President Obama has been accused of many things over the last several weeks, but of being a poor speaker was not among them. Considered an essential skill among politicians, least of all for the leader of the USA, President Obama continues to prove his awesome oratorical skills; this time leading a crowd of thousands of people on an emotional rollercoaster; which moved the crowd to thunderous cheering and applause.

President Obama spoke about his trip to Moneygall (funnily enough means ‘foreigners thicket’) that morning and how he was moved by the warmth for his visit to his ancestral home. The Presidents cousin was there on the scene to greet him when he arrived to meet a crowd of local fans. He drank a whole pint of Guinness (quite a big deal given his position) while enjoying the incredible hospitality of his new found home. His wife too, Michelle Obama, was found pulling pints for the locals, one of which was the parish priest who was caught sneaking away with a pint of the black stuff that Michelle had expertly pulled.

President Obama’s visit to Ireland marks not only a much desired visit by the most influential man in the world, but also by the most revolutionary figure in the world. Being black, President Obama has had the weight of a number of ethnic and minority groups in the USA and the world on his shoulders. He championed the cause of a number of marginalised communities in the US and continues to campaign on their behalf for a more equal, free and just society. Obama has come to embody the essence of hope for many people.

President Obama’s speech touched the hearts and minds of many people, including myself, with his message of hope and promise for a peaceful and prosperous future. Promising the Irish Republic that both he and the US will support us in our continued struggles, the President sent a ripple of energy through the crowd. Earlier in a discussion with Enda Kenny, He said the U.S. is “rooting for Ireland’s success and we’ll do everything that we can to be helpful on the path to recovery.” I have to say that I am genuinely relieved to know that Mr Obama and the USA will have our backs. As I am sure that the Europeans, (Mr Sarkozy, I hope you’re listening) harassing us about economic affairs and our corporate tax policy, will be reconsidering their stance. The saying ‘Barack’s got your back’ will be ringing through for us for a while I think.

President Obama left us, just hours after he inspired us to stay true to ourselves and our common values and goals. He spent a few minutes among the crowd in true statesman fashion, laughing and uplifting the spirits of young and old; a true leader if there ever was one.


How Social Welfare is Killing the Nation

Here in Ireland we have a rather generous social welfare system, and many people depend on it for several reasons. For example; single parents depend on it for additional family support, keeping their children in education and keeping clothes on their backs. There are thousands of reasons why an individual would need social assistance and it is the states responsibility to assist whenever assistance is needed.

In 2010, the government spent almost €15.5 billion on social protection.In my own experience, those on social welfare are neither proud nor ashamed. In general there is no shame in losing one’s job, getting older, or sustaining an injury. As the population gets older more people will be availing of state benefits due to old age. This figure will rise considerably in the next 20-30 years as Ireland’s population becomes elderly.

According to Budget 2011, expenditure on social protection is set to increase. Now, this is not surprising given the number of people who are unemployed due to the current state of the country. According to my research, the Government has allocated 16.5 billion euro to social protection in 2011, compared to about 15.5 billion euro in 2010. This increase is a reflection of the unemployment crisis, but the sheer value is extremely high for a nation the size of Ireland, accounting for 39% of the total budget in 2011.

If we assume that the increase is due to increasing unemployment, then we must also assume that the previous value was lower because unemployment was lower: this is correct. However, if we go all the way back to 2006 when unemployment was low, we see that the total welfare budget for 2006 was at the same levels. In retrospect this was due to Irelands extremely generous social welfare payments; that actually encouraged people not to work.

The people that are complaining about social welfare cuts as they are occurring right now are the same people who benefited from the huge benefit increases during the good years. I am talking about a good proportion of welfare recipients here, not the minority by any means.

With sociologist reporting that half of all people on social welfare are those from disadvantaged backgrounds and at least half of these likely to spend their entire lives on benefits, due to downward social pressure from their peers (also on social welfare). It is not surprising then, that at least one quarter of all the money received by recipients of social welfare payments, is used to pay for legal and illegal drugs.

In General, the Social Welfare system is partially responsible for poor work ethic in Ireland. It remains, even now in these economic times, one of the most generous welfare systems in the world. It encourages lazy people to remain lazy, with so-called welfare lifers sponging off of the nation for their entire lives.

It is for this reason that Social Welfare is crippling the nation. If we let these parasites continue to sponge off of the state, we will literally guarantee social and economic collapse. We have to get these lazy freeloaders and social welfare lifers out of the system and into the workforce. Then we can start to invest in education and innovation; where the money should be going.

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The Metro Herald Guy

You may have had the pleasure of taking a long, smooth and ever so sophisticated journey on one of our fair city’s buses. The scenery is wonderful; traffic lights, graffiti and natives wearing pyjamas. Really makes you feel at home in the big smoke. With coffee in our hands and bosses blowing up the phones, or worse; that guy or girl you don’t remember giving your number to. The granny beside you is tuttering and flustering  about the latest scandal to have hit, and getting more tuttery and flustery as the journey goes on.

With that final traffic light behind you decide that the bus driver may not know to stop, just because ten people in front of you already pressed the button, and you don’t trust technology.

As soon as you think it’s all over and free to walk that last few metres to work, BANG! It’s him! The Metro Herald guy, with papers in hand and swatting everyone he can with his weapon of choice; free to read, advert filled, newsprint. There he is; that guy with barely any English, practically firing those papers at people. What few people realise is; that Metro Herald guy is out to get you. Oh yes, he knew you were going to work that morning and he has been waiting for at least ten minutes for your bus to arrive. Patiently, he waited and then he saw his chance. He took his first paper and that nice old lady who everyone let off first (she never had a chance) was the first to go, then that college dude with his bag. Before long, everyone getting of that bus was reading their horoscopes and Nemi (by Lise Myhre). The Metro Herald Guy had his way and nobody could say no.

You were one of those people (you know who you are), and you spent the first half hour of your day reading horoscopes to your colleagues and talking about that story on the front cover. Totally innocent. Little did you know; but that Metro Herald guy is relentless…..and he will never stop harassing you with his advert filled, free to read newspaper . Every day it will appear in your hand; and that horoscope, that promises so much, will never come true.

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